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With increasing demands, the retailers are now pressed to out-smart their competitors with new initiatives, strategies and technologies that would create a more comfortable, differentiated, and enriched shopping experience. Focus has also shifted on minimizing operational costs and increasing efficiency of all components of the supply chain.

Retailers are beginning to customize their offerings on the basis of their knowledge of their customers. The companies are now increasingly profiling its customers and investing in customer relationship systems. This knowledge is helping them reach out to the customers with focused promotions and campaigns. Retailers are also modifying their customer access strategies, adding, as much as possible, multiple delivery channels to reach out to more customers, and more efficiently.


Banking and Financial:

Globalization, consolidation, deregulation, shrinking margins, increased competition and many other such developments are insistently forcing banks and financial services companies to reinvent themselves. With the customer having more options then ever before, these companies, therefore, have to work harder than ever before to attract new customers while ensuring customer retention by continuously offering them new services and service improvements.

This new age resurgence in this sector has been mostly enabled by the improvement and advancement of technologies that have empowered and enriched this domain. With such increased pressure on the IT Function in general, companies are hard-pressed for newer offerings, newer platforms and innovation in general to manage change.



Over the years, the Insurance Practice has evolved into a mature, integrated unit; first focused on being an offshore partner, we subsequently became specialists in conceiving, implementing and maintaining IT services. With more than a decade of experience, we now possess the enterprise maturity and consulting skills to identify pain areas, reshape processes and deliver maximum value to our partners. Today, we are considered a renowned, knowledgeable leader in the field of CONSULTING, IT and BPO. This acquired leadership establishes Orbis as an esteemed partner in responding to Insurance-related challenges across the Life, Health and P&C segment.


Supply Chain Management:

In the current context, technology is going to play a major role in ensuring that retailers are right there to better serve its customers, and also itself. Innovation is becoming the key to deliver better solutions aimed at different levels in the retail industry. Be it improved Point of Sale solutions, a better wireless infrastructure, introduction of RFID, much improved inventory management system or a useful CRM solution, technology is all set to play the all important role in this Retail revolution.

Orbis’s Retail practice has the required knowledge, competencies and domain understanding to create innovative and efficient solutions in this sector. With expertise in key technologies, Orbis can collaborate with its clients to make their E-Business strategies more effective, track their inventories better, and create ingenious applications

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